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***** by Joanni F.
Igor came highly recommended as a meticulous and knowledgeable personal trainer. I was seeking someone to help me build lean muscle mass, lower my fat percentage and help prepare me for my goal of fitness modeling. When I heard about Igor's diet plan guidance, in addition to his methodical, full body training methods, I was sold. Training with him and following his program, I can tell you the difference I not only see, but feel in my body. I have much more balanced overall strength. My lean muscle definition as increased due to his customized training methods and personalized diet plan. As a 40 year old woman, I was determined not to grow older and just “accept” my body as something I didn't want it to be. With hard work, commitment and lots of sweat you too can have the body you've always dreamed of.

***** by Ann Taylor
Igor is by far the BEST trainer you could ask for, HANDS DOWN!!! I have worked with him for over 8 years and he has changed my outlook on fitness and my overall health. Thanks Igor. You are the BEST!!!!

***** by Erin Armstrong
Igor is the best trainer in Las Vegas! I have experience training with multiple trainers in the valley and none of them can compare to Igor's knowledge and expertise in this field. Because of this reason, I have now worked out with Igor for almost 6 years!
Igor's workouts are targeted and specific to your needs / goals. He also is extremely educated in proper diet and nutrition. I highly recommend Igor to anyone seeking an improvement in their overall health/workout regimen/nutrition. Igor is THE BEST!!

***** by Abigail T.
I worked out with Igor for about three years, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Every work out is different, and extremely challenging. Working out with him has taught me proper health habits that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I now know what a real, tough work out requires, and how much work it takes to get the results you want. Igor will tailor your meal plans and workouts to exactly fit your goals. He is very professional, takes his work seriously, and sincerely cares about his clients--and he expects the same from them. I would recommend Igor to anyone who is honestly willing to work hard and take their fitness goals seriously. 

​***** by Kimberly Tingey
If you are serious about getting into shape, this is your guy! Igor is the real deal, definitely not your average trainer. He is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and will customize your diet and workout to meet your goals. Every workout with him is challenging and different. He knows what works and just the amount to push you, to get you real results. I've worked out with Igor for 14 years and am in the best shape of my life. I've seen great changes in the way I look and feel. I highly recommend him for anyone who's willing to workout hard and doesn't just want some "trainer" you pay to talk to you the whole time or give you a half-hearted workout. When you workout with Igor, you'll work hard and because of that, you'll see amazing results!

***** by Aimee G.
Igor is amazing!! I have been training with him for 10 years and my workouts are always different. Training with Igor has made me faster and stronger. He is able to tune into my body and know exactly what I am capable of and how far to push me to help me reach my full potential. He is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. He takes training to a whole new level - you will love it!!

***** by Mary T.
I have been training w/Igor for 9 years and i am so happy w/my body now. He has taught me so much about proper nutrition (even when I Thought i knew it all -what to be eating and how much and when to eat it) and his workouts have molded and tightened my gluts and thighs into pure awesomeness. I get LOTS of compliments while working at the pool in my bikini. You may think all trainers are good, but simply said "then there is Igor" -who is GREAT (seriously training in a league of his own) !!!

***** by Jim Willardsen
By far the BEST fitness trainer in Las Vegas. I've trained with Igor for 8 yrs. I'd recommend him to everyone.

***** by Mary Nguyen
Training with Igor has been life changing! I’ve never met a trainer more knowledgeable & passionate about their craft. In the short 8 months training together, I’ve been able to achieve results I never thought possible considering my past injuries. (Don’t ignore your past injuries! There are better, more effective alternatives!). Igor’s workouts are methodical, challenging & I never thought I’d say this but also fun! I strongly recommend Igor if you want an elevated training experience covering more than just form & basic nutrition. You won’t regret it!

***** by Donovan Wong
I have been working out with Igor for almost 10 years and it's his customized program that will keep me with him for another 10 years for sure. Igor is an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer that does not focus on just "getting big". His focus on functionality, form, intensity, flexibility, and nutrition was extremely beneficial to my overall wellness especially when I'm hiking with friends or doing over forms of physical activity that keep me mobile and looking and feeling good. Note that even with that, his workouts are always challenging when I compare how other trainers in my gym work with their clients. Even the warm up and cool down exercises keep my heart rate up. I highly recommend Igor if you're looking for a trainer that not only pushes you to the limit but also gets you noticeable results for the work invested.

***** by Annie Zhou
Best trainer ever. Knowledgeable and professional.

***** by Janet
Igor is great. I have been training with him for a year and half. He knows your limit and always help to push you to the limit to get stronger. If you would like to follow, he would also provide you meal plan helping you build up healthy lifestyle.

***** by Sissi J.
I am not the workout type and I used to try to avoid it . but after having my two kids I needed to get my shape back and keep my health in check.  Igor has been great for the last almost 2 years.
I still want to find excuses not to show up for the training all the time, But I feel so good and happy after every training ! one of the best choices I’ve made for myself and my family.

***** by Jared Lebo
I've trained with Igor for almost 10 years. I'm also a big fan of PCN products. I'm about to turn 40, and let me say after 10 years of training I feel fantastic and look forward to the years ahead. Every day matters and Igor brings his A game to our training, no matter how I might be feeling that day. After what has to be over 1,000 sessions, I don't think I've had ever had the same session twice. The only constant is Igor's will to make you your best, and that I never tire of. 

*****by the Michaels family
Igor is by far the best trainer there is. If you want results, train with him. He is professional and very knowledgeable.  

*****by Craig T.
Igor is a complete trainer.  He not only knows how to properly train you, push you, and get the most out of you, but he is also very knowledgeable about how fix many different physical issues; joint problems, lower back problems, shoulder problems, knee problems etc.  He is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition which is part of his training program.